a branch of metaphysics dealing with the nature of being
pertaining to ontology
ontological conception of vagueness
the theory that some vagueness is inherent in the nature of things themselves, rather than in the language we use to talk about them (see also: semantic conception of vagueness)
not permitting the transmission of light, or of enlightenment
the property of being opaque
undisguised, public, manifest; not exclusive or limited
open brand
a brand which is not limited to use by some particular organisation but is made generally available under terms similar to those for Open Source software.
open mind
a mind open to new ideas, lacking in prejudice, not dogmatic.
open sesame
a way of acquiring or achieving something which would not normally be possible (magic words used in The Arabian Nights)
open society
a society with wide dissemination of information and freedom of belief. See: [Popper45a/b].
open source
a software development ethos in which the product and its sources are licenced without charge under very liberal licencing conditions. See OpenSource.org.
concerning methods of working
operational semantics
a semantics for a programming language, given by defining how the program should (or could) be evaluated or compiled
See also:
structured operational semantics
a person or thing regarded as infallible
(recursion theory)
the study of relative recursiveness involves reasoning about the capabilities of Turing machines equipped with an oracle capable of answering a problem the Turing machine could not otherwise have answered (e.g. an oracle for the halting problem).
see also:
FAn oracle
of or concerning and order
ordinal number
numbers denoting position ("first", "second", "third", ...), as opposed to cardinal numbers indicating quantity ("one", "two", "three", ...).
See also:
successor ordinal
limit ordinal
load excessively
overloading (computing)
a kind of polymorphism in programming languages involving the use of the same name to denote several different values or operations.
a figure of speech which is apparently self contradictory

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