Principles or standards, one's judgement of what is valuable or important.
value agent
A non-profit value-promoting agent in the Factasia Value Net.
value net
The economic infrastructure of Factasia.
value system
A coherent, organised collection of values, e.g. The Factasia Value System.
a name used in a formal notation, either for an unspecified value (of some particular type) (a free variable) or in a variable binding construct (such as universal quantification or lambda abstraction) (a bound variable).
see also:
type variable

The process of establishing the truth of a proposition.
the verification principle
A principle of logical positivism to the effect that the meaning of a statement lies in its method of verification, and that a statement is meaningful iff it can in principle be verified.
Vienna Circle
A group of philosophical scientists and scientific philosophers which flourished in Vienna during the late 1920s and early 1930s and was the source of the philosophy of logical positivism.
Apparent, not real.
virtual brand
A brand (as in product marketing) promoted in its own right, not closely associated with tangible product. A branded vision or ideology promulgated through cyber-space.
virtual corporation
(1 - strong)
A company with few or no employees and no physical assets, possibly identified with a virtual brand.
(2 - weak)
A company which conducts a significant part of its business electronically, or which makes use of telecommuting.
Moral excellence, goodness.
Imaginative insight or foresight.

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