existing in, or caused by, nature
natural meaning
the meaning or significance of some natural entity or phenomenon
non-natural meaning
the meaning of words and sentences
natural number
The non-negative whole numbers, zero and those numbers which can be reached by counting upwards from zero. Occasionally used to mean the strictly positive whole numbers, excluding zero.
Imitating nature closely.
naturalistic fallacy
Phrase used by the philosopher G.E.Moore for the fallacy of supposing that the good is susceptible of definition.
could not possibly be otherwise
See also:
logical necessity
A kind of mathematical object on which computations are performed.
A written expression (i.e. a bit of syntax) which denotes a number, as distinct from the number itself. e.g. the numeral which denotes 45 is "45".
Analogous to the disquotional principle (concerning truth) we might put forward a disquotational principle for numerals: that "'n' denotes n" for all numerals n.

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