Academic Press, London
American Association of University Presses
ACM Press, ACM
Addison Wesley
American Academy of Arts and Sciences
AIP Press - the Press of the American Institute of Physics
Archive Editions
Benjamin/Cummings Publishers Co., Inc.
BIOS Scientific Press
Blackwell Publishers
Boyd & Fraser
Cambridge University Press
Chapman & Hall
Chemtec Publishing
City Lights, Publishers and Booksellers
Conari Press
CMP Publications
Crete University Press
De Proverbio(electronic books, University of Tasmania)
Eastgate Systems, Inc. (hypertext fiction)
Edinburgh University Press
Editions Didier Millet
Electronic Press, Inc.
Elsevier Science (covers North Holland and Pergammon imprints)
Fleet House Electronic Publications
FourthMesa Inc. Internet Publishing Corporation
Gale Research
George Allen & Unwin
Goose Lane Editions
Gutter Press (literary fiction)
Harper Collins
Harper Perennial
Harvard University Press
Heinle & Heinle
Institute of Physics Publishing
IBS Publishers
Indiana University Press
Interactive Learning Productions
International Thomson Computer Press
International Thomson Publishing
International Thomson Editores
ITP Asia
ITP Europe
ITP Foreign Rights
ITP France
ITP Japan
ITP South Africa
Internet Presence & Publishing Corporation
Inter-Research Science Publisher
Irwin Publishing
Island Press
Jacobs Publishing, Ltd.
Jane's Information Group
Johns Hopkins University Press
Kluwer Academic Publishers
Koeltz Scientific Books
Learned Information Ltd
Letts Educational
Library Solutions Institute and Press
Lonely Planet Publications or here
McGraw Hill
Macmillan Computer Publishing USA(includes Que, Que College, Sams Publishing, Alpha Books, New Riders Publishing, Hayden Books, Brady, and Adobe Press imprints)
Manaaki Whenua Press
Manchester University Press
Math-Pro Press
ME Sharpe
Miller Freeman, Inc.
Mitchell Beazley
The MIT Press
Morgan Kaufmann Publishers
Motorola University Press
NCC Blackwell
Nelson Canada
Nelson ELT
Nine Pines Publishing
Nolo PressSelf-Help Law Center
O'Reilly and Associates
Open University Press
Oxford University Press (also at the internet bookshop and at Oxford University and in the USA).
Pantera Publishing, Inc.
Penguin Books Ltd.
Playboy Enterprises
Pluto Press Ltd
Prentice Hall
Prentice Hall European
Princeton University Press
Productivity Press
PWS Publishing Company
Random House, Inc. (Knopf, Del Rey, Ballantine, Fodor)
Rapid Communications
Raven Press
Reference Press
Research Publications
Resolution Business Press
Red Oak Media
Sage Publications
Scholastic Inc.
Sidran Foundation and Press
South-Western College
South-Western Education
SPIE Optical Engineering Press
Springer-Verlag, Heidelberg Germany or here and New York.
St. James Press
Strangelove Internet Enterprises (SIE)
SunSoft Press
TCI Software Research
Technology Apraisals
Technology Services
Telos (The Electronic Library of Science)
The Taft Group
Thomas Nelson Australia
Thomas Nelson and Sons
Thomson Executive Press
Thomson & Thomson
Time Warner
Tor Books
Twin Press
University of California Press
University of Chicago Press
University of Illinois Press
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University of South Carolina Press
Unisa Press (University of South Africa)
University of Tennessee Press
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University of Wisconsin Press
Van Nostrand Reinhold
Ventana Press
Visible Ink Press
John Wiley.
Winnipeg Free Press
World Scientific Publishing
Ziff-Davis Publishing

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The following publishers are referred to but have not yet been located on the internet:
6, Meard Street, London W1V 3HR.
20, Vauxhall Bridge Road, London SW1V 2SA

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